Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sitting on the Throne

You know what the most peaceful and quiet time of your day is? I’m a busy guy, and I figure most of you are too. Life is always kind of a breeze, just blowing and blowing, never quite taking a break. Until you have to stop and release bodily waste. To me, that’s the most peaceful and quiet time of the day. When you can finally pull down your pants, or undress completely if you must, and just sit on your throne. When I say quiet, I am referring to the quiet in your thoughts, because let’s face it, not everybody is quiet when they’re going to work. Some people don’t appreciate that bit of me time. Some people go to the washroom, and are out within 4 minutes. Like, how did you even have time to do your business, then wipe and wash your hands thoroughly?
Some people like to think in the shower, I think on the toilet. Technically, that’s a hipster mentality. It’s quite a great place to think. And a great invention as well. I give props to whoever invented the 8th wonder known as the toilet. Some people complain about not having enough time to themselves. Well there’s your time. Learn to take advantage of it. You can even get a lot of reading and studying done in the washroom. I mean, there’s nothing else to distract you. Just don’t bring your phone in as well, and before you know it, you just finished reviewing a quarter of your psychology exam.  So next time you try to rush your shit, take advantage of your shit, because that shit should be relaxing. As the waste goes, so does your problems.

Random Thoughts on Racism?

Racism isn’t necessarily the prejudicial characterization of different races, is it? I’ve been thinking about it today. I don’t think certain white people hate black people because of their skin colour, or because of the characteristics of the black culture. I mean, there is no specific black culture. Throughout history, in all racial wars, it’s all boiled down to the fact that people are afraid of things that are different to the norms that they are used to. And that fear quickly evolves into hate. In my opinion, that’s what racism is. It’s plainly the majority picking on the minority because the minority isn’t the majority. It’s just like how people who listen to mainstream catchy music don’t like the people who listen to indie music. Or how underground hip hop heads hate the mainstream hip hop listeners. It’s even like how society often looks down on people who dress “weird”. People tend to dislike things that aren’t similar to them. Who knows? This could be the reason why people started to eat animals. With that said, I didn’t do any research or have taken any courses on these types of thing, so I’m probably not saying anything new, or anything that you haven’t heard before. I don’t know why I wrote all this. I just did. Anyways, this is me blogging again. It’s been a long time since I’ve did it.

Note: I wrote something about racism on my Tumblr blog last year. It feels weird reading something you wrote over a year ago.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What to blog?

So the interface of this website looks like a food blog right now. But I don't really want to blog only about food, or plainly about my everyday life. I'm thinking I'll write about random thoughts and issues. The problem is, whether I'll be able to update on a regular basis and whether anybody will pay attention to this little blog, because to be honest, I'm not the type of person who writes just to write. I'm a cook, not a journalist. Haha 

Friday, May 11, 2012

my blogging dilemma

I want to start blogging again. I really do. Except I'm probably not. And then in a couple of months I'll tell myself that I want to start blogging again, and I'll write a post about wanting to do it. Then before you know it, this blog will be a blog about wanting to write a blog.