Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well hello again!

Sorry for not updating in so long. I've been quite busy over the last month. Well, not really, but I've been busy with laziness.

So anyways, I now live downtown. Moved in pretty smoothly, and I'm coping well with living away from family. It's probably because I've always been an independent person. I love my family, and I need them, but I can survive by myself.

My roommates are pretty cool. They're both "brown" and Brampton-washed, so it's kind of rubbing off on me. Only two of my friends have seen my apartment so far. Shoutout to both Jezer and Jonathon!

Last week me and Jonathon went to the VIP Launch Party of Modern Warfare 3, and I was one of the first people to play the game, which was pretty cool. We weren't planning on attending or anything, it just happened.

I don't really want to recap on everything that I've been up to, because it's been like 3 weeks. But I'll try to blog regularly again.

Oh, before I forget. I bought Childish Gambino's Camp yesterday, and it is fire. 

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